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"I am so bored right now." Izzy said getting home from school after a boring day or work, work, and more work. He sunk into his pillow and moaned. Then he got up and turned the T.V. on. He was still bored. He sighed some more until he got a call.

*Ring* *Ring*

"I wonder who that could be?" He wondered reaching for his phone and seeing it was Jenny. He answered it. "Hello?"

"Yo dude open up the door!" Jenny hurriedly said before hanging up.

"Oh boy, looks like she is in one of her hyper moods again." Izzy sighed lazily getting up and heading downstairs.

He opened the door to see Jenny who donned a pair of cat ears.

"Nya Izzy." She meowed.

"Uhhhhh, what are you doing again?" Izzy asked.

"Nyaaaaaa, I just wanted to see if you wanted to cosplay with me." Jenny said with Izzy shrugging his shoulders.

"Alright I guess. What do got?" He asked while Jenny reached in her bag and pulled up a white headband with big cat ears on it.

"I got these. They belong to Felicia from the DarkStalker's games." Jenny said handing them to Izzy.

"O-okay I guess. It will give me some entertainment." Izzy said popping them on. "How do they look?" Izzy asked.

"They look purrrfect on you. Hee, you would look just like her if you had her costume or something on." Jenny said noticing Izzy's now blue eyes. "Huh?" Jenny said while Izzy turned around.

"Lets go up to my room." He said going up the stairs when Jenny stopped him.

"Wait! Izzy do you feel okay?" She asked.

"I feel great, like I took a bunch of energy pills." He said smiling going into his room while Jenny hesitated downstairs.

"Oh come on Jenny, get it together. I'm sure I was just hallucinating." Jenny said to herself walking up the stairs into his room.

Jenny opened the door to a surprise. Izzy's hair had turned blue and began to grow long into a mane. Next Jenny saw the headband fuse to his head making Izzy meow a little bit.

"Nya." Izzy said.

"I-Izzy? Are you sure your okay?" Jenny asked again.

"I'm doing great Jenny. I feel amazing!" Izzy said as his face shifted into Felicia's while his clothes disappeared off his body with white stripes of fur covering parts off it while Jenny saw his manhood vanish.

"Dude, those ears are changing you!" Jenny said.

"What are you talking about Jenny? I have always been this way." Izzy said with his hands becoming huge white paws with two D-cup sized breast popping out his chest as a long white tail popped out form behind him. "Nyaaaaa, I'm Felicia remember." Izzy now Felicia said just when his shoes and socks tore off with white fur covering his entire legs making them more slimmer and feminine while his feet changed completing the transformation.

"Uhhhhh. Holy crap, he just became Felicia for real." Jenny said shocked at the transformation her friend went to. "I-...I mean Felicia." Jenny began but stopped as Izzy's radio began to play some music while she started to dance.

"So...Graceful..." Jenny said captivated by the movements of Felicia. "I guess we could have some fun for awhile." Jenny said with a grin running over to Felicia. "Hey Felicia let me here that song of yours." Jenny asked.

"Nyaaaa. Sure Jenny." Felecia said beggining to sing.
Here's the last one of Video Game Week!!! As Izzy turns into Felicia from the Darkstalker's Games and Marvel vs Capcom...

Suggested by :iconwhightknight:

Picture found here [link]
Enron-II Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012
Now we just need all the victims of Video Game Week to duke it out, seeing as they all are characters who have been in fighting games. I would bet on Sidney/Makoto since she was the one I picked, and squirrel girls are cute, but smart money is on Mimi/Samus because she has a gun.
Sephiroph44 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
yessss!!! FELICIA!!! my fave char from Darkstalkers awesome job poor Izzy
ArtIdiotGuy222 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
Oh my
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