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September 19, 2012
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Ricky enjoyed his job serving as a scientist for this big company he worked for. He had no complaints as to why would he, I mean he had money and a roof over his head while doing what he loved. He couldn't have been happier. Until one day it all changed...

Ricky was in the lab late one night experimenting with some new chemicals he had gotten. They were strange pink liquids labeled "TG" on them even though no one knew what they were. Ricky tried his best mixing them with various other substances but it didn't work.

"Dammit, come on work. Gaaaaah, Who the hell would give me chemicals like this?" He spat out nastily furious. "Grrrrrrr." Ricky began mixing the chemical again, this time with a clear substance he had found. "I think I got it, Eureka!" He cheered.

Ricky was happy he finally got a reaction from the new chemical but something was off. He soon found the bottle filled with the creation emitting a pink gas that filled the room. Ricky in a panic dove for his gas mask but suddenly couldn't move. He struggled for minutes while the pink gas seemed to burn his insides and outsides before he seemingly passed out from the pain.

"N-no...." He said before blacking out while the pink gas evaporated.

Ricky stumbled up hours later with a pounding headache. He looked around to see the bottle with the new substance he made empty and broken as he recalled last nights events.

"Oh crap, What happened. That gas or smoke. I really need to get home." Ricky yawned barely getting to his car and driving off.

Luckily for Ricky there was no traffic on the highway giving him a smooth drive to his house. He weakly got out of his car stumbling threw the yard before making it into his house. Ricky literally felt like crap.

"Finally made it, But why does my body feel so hot. Ngh." Ricky cringed and quickly threw everything of and jumped in his bed. Ricky quickly found himself passed out while his body began to sweat.

Soon as Ricky passed out his changes began, His black hair suddenly grew more in volume and turned pink while his face began to rearrange into a more softer appearance. While he tossed and turned violently his body slowly began to slim down until he was perfectly small and petite. All his muscles and body hair were gone leaving his skin silky smooth.

"Ngh...Agh...Nrrrrgh..." Ricky grunted while his manhood retreated inside of him leaving only womanhood behind. Ricky's boxer's then became a pair of blue stripped white panties while two mounds formed over his chest producing two CC-Cup sized breast making Ricky moan.

With the changes finished Ricky exhaled still asleep not realizing he emitted some of the pink gas into the air before opening "His" now "Her" blues eyes, Getting up slowly. Ricky stretched not realizing what happened.

"Ngh...Huh? My voice, It's different?" Ricky said confused turning to the mirror. "Oh my god what the hell happened to me!" He screamed sitting in his bed on his knees going over his new curvier body.

"Th-This has to be a dream..." Ricky thought but recalled the incident at the lab. "It isn't, No." Ricky began to tear up but suddenly coughed a bit seeing the same gas as before. "Huh? Is that stuff coming from me now?" Ricky thought but suddenly spaced out. "I...."

Suddenly there was a knock from Ricky's door downstairs as it opened being one of his friends Jeff.

"You Ricky you back from work man?" Jeff asked receiving no answer but witnessing the pink haired beauty leaving from his friends room.

"Hello there Jeffy." Ricky giggled.

"Wow, Hey there cutie." Jeff said slyly easing over to her. "So uhhh, You seen Ricky around here?" He asked receiving another giggle from the girl.

"Oh he's around, I'm Richy and boy are you cute." She said pulling him in closer.

"T-thanks. Are you Ricky's girlfriend?" Jeff asked.

"Nope, I meant to tell you but I am Ricky." She smiled before pulling Jeff in kissing him deeply breathing the pink gas into her friend.

Jeff couldn't help but kiss her back while his body filled with the pink gas as well turning him the same way just like Richy who pulled back smiling at what she had done.

"My, I do wonders don't I?" She asked giggling while Jeff joined in.

"You sure do tee hee, I feel great. Thanks for doing this to me." Jessie said hugging her friend.

"No prob, You can do this to more people anytime you want now since your the same like me." Richy explained to her friend who yelped in joy.

"Yes, I can't wait." Jessie no longer Jeff said. "So, When are you going back out?" She asked out of curiosity.

"Soon, I need some new clothes since my old ones don't fit the new me. Wanna come? Plenty of people at the mall to make happy like us."

"Sure. I'm ready when you are." Jessie said while Richy went to go throw something decent on before rejoining her friend in the den.

"Ready, Lets go have some fun shall we?" Richy said while her and Jessie left the house for the mall to change more people.
Well here's another short story I wanted to do not to long but yeah... A sickness related TG I don't think I've ever done one but here it is...

Link to pic found here [link]
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