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September 19, 2012
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Aaron loved to solve mysteries. Any chance he got he would try his best to solve it whether it was something simple like finding an item or finding out who did a certain thing. One day he was reading one of his favorite mystery books until a message popped up on his screen of his computer.

"Huh, Maybe someone needs another mystery for me to solve! Yes!" Aaron joyfully said rushing to look at the screen. "Hmmm..." Aaron said examining what he saw.

On the screen was one line in all caps and bold "COME TO THE LAKE". This made Aaron literally get a sense of joy and a bit of terror. He didn't know who sent it to him or why but all he knew was something was special about the lake in his town. He decided to go to it around midnight when everyone was sleep.

"I'll go later when everyone's asleep. Yes, I get to try out my night vision goggles." Aaron cheerfully said waiting for the sun to set and day to end.

After nearly hours Aaron awoke in the dead of night and got out of his bed. He put on his shoes and pants with a t-shirt and grabbed his gear heading out the door. He slipped passed his parents room hearing their snores and made his way out into the crisp night air.

"Ahhh, Time for some snooping." Aaron said getting on his bike and riding down the street turning into a corner which led to a path in the woods. "Here we go." He said hiding his bike. "Now...Let-..."

"Hey, I've been waiting forever." A girls voice rang out causing Aaron to turn seeing a familiar face. It was one of his friends, Alice, She was wearing a jacket over her short white dress and brown boots. Her long black hair seemed to glow in the moonlight while she smiled at her confused friend. "I knew you'd be unable to resist what I've found out."

"Oh Alice, You were the one sent me that message?" Aaron asked.

"Guilty as charged." Alice giggled. "Come on detective, Lets do this." Alice said beckoning him into the woods.

"You better not get lost and i'm the detective here I lead you." Aaron trailed her and got the lead.

"Fine, Fine, Geez dude such a drama king." Alice teased him.

"Shut up." Aaron said annoyed.

After a few minutes of walking the two reached their towns lake in the middle of the woods. It was a beautiful site as the moonlight shined down on the lake making it seemingly glow. Alice then playfully leaned on Aaron.

"Awww this is such a nice site isn't it." She giggled.

"Yeah but anyway whats so special here." Aaron said examining the lake up closely.

"There's a legend about this lake." Alice began. "It says whenever the moon is full anything that touches the lake is changed forever somehow."

"Wow really, Thats so interesting." Aaron said leaning over the lake. "When did you learn about this Alice?" Aaron asked.

"For awhile." Alice slowly walked over to where Aaron was.

"Oh wow-....Wait...Why would you send me a message then just tell me all this now unless you-....Woaaaaaaaaah!!!" Aaron was too late as he felt the cold lake water surround him. He tried to swim up but for some reason his body wouldn't let him. He seemed to sink deeper and deeper into the lake.

"Hehehehe, Enjoy the swim Amy." Aaron tried to hear her but couldn't move as the lake began to light up making Aaron feel a tingling sensation all over his body.

"What the hell!" Aaron thought while his hair suddenly turned blue and grew down his back. "......What?!"

Aaron struggled but felt his face shift becoming more innocent looking unknown to him. He felt his arms and legs slim down while his body curved up into an hourglass figure. Aaron's manhood shrinked until nothing was left while his clothes dissolved from his body.

"No...Why...This isn't possible..." Aaron thought not knowing his voice was now high while he felt two small mounds form on his chest. "Thanks goodness it's over." Aaron thought while he felt new girlish clothes form over him leaving him in a long white dress and sandals. "He" now "She" floated back up to the top of lake and coughed gasping for air.

"No....I....What....Huff....Puff..." Amy said looking around scared seeing Alice walk towards her.

"Oh my you turned out cute, You should be happy your not ugly." Alice giggled placing a straw hat over Amy's head. "There, That goes well with what you have on wouldn't you say?" She asked.

"Huh? What the hell Alice! I thought we were friends and you turn me into a girl." Amy squeaked out in her now high pitch voice.

"Tee hee, Your so funny. We are silly now we can be BFF's forever now. Won't that be fun." She said to her friend.

"Change me back now!" Amy demanded.

"Nope, Can't...Them's the rules...Looks like your Amy now..." Alice grinned.

"No, Now I can't solve mysteries anymore." Amy sat on the ground and sulked while Alice comforted her.

"There, There, Now you can be like Nancy Drew." Alice giggled hugging Amy who suddenly started to feel better.

"Your....Right, I could couldn't I. Yeah she's cute and smart like me right?"

"Right, See I knew you'd cheer up now lets go. Our parents are gonna kill us for being out this late. Good thing we sneaked out." Alice joked with her bestie.

"Right, It'd be a pain if they found out." Amy stood up dusting herself off while she walked away from the lake with Alice.

Aaron was now Amy She liked to solve mysteries too just like her old self. Even though she didn't know what or how it happened. She didn't care because she liked the new her. But either way, The mystery was solved.
Here's a Mystery about a young boy exploring a mysterious lake after he hears rumors and finds out that their true... Hope you like this!!! ^_^ XD

Link to picture here [link]
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