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April 21, 2012
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Dizzy was having weird dreams lately. Ever since he stole something from this stand at his town's flea market he had been having dreams of a mysterious black haired girl wearing what he had stole. He took a white dress from the stand. He was gonna give it to one of his friends who he liked but always forgot.

"Man that same dream. Who is that girl?" Dizzy thought to himself. "This is so frustrating. Maybe I should have just taken it back." Dizzy said putting on his t-shirt and short and slipping on a pair of sandals dashing out the door with the dress. "Maybe I won't be in trouble if I just return it without them seeing me." He thought.

Dizzy had saw it was in the middle of the night and that the flea market was closed. But seeing through a hole, he saw the stand's lights were still on. He hopped the fence and slowly made his way to the stand.

"There, now nice and easy." Dizzy said placing the dress on the counter, turning to be surprised by a young girl in a red and yellow Japanese dress.

"Hi there. So you're the one who took our lovely dress." She said smiling.

"Yep, I think he might look cute in it." Another girl wearing a white dress carrying a sword said appearing from around the corner.

"It's not for me! I go this for my friend." Dizzy yelled.

"No need to yell. But if you liked it so much, how bout you try it on!" The girl said leaping on Dizzy who blacked out.

Dizzy awoke to find himself in a grassy field. He was startled wondering why he was there alone. He stumbled up to see he was now wearing the white dress.

"What the hell? Those bitches must have put it on me. They'll pa-...Uh oh..." Dizzy felt he was completely naked under the dress. He had no other choice but to wear it now. He started walking but instantly fell.

"Huh?" He turned to see his feet were now smaller. He rolled over to notice his legs were now sleek and slender to now. "What the hell is happening? Why did my legs get smaller?" He wondered, so much went through his head. Suddenly he held his private.

"Gah!" He screamed in pain while it vanished without a trace. "No...I can't believe it' gone...My precious manhood is gone..." Dizzy whined standing up noticing his butt was now more firm making him blush a little as he squeezed it.

Dizzy then looked at his arms to see they were now more delicate. His skin was smooth and soft now, he even saw two red ribbons tied around each arm. He tried to speak but found his voice extremely high now.

"Oh man...I have to get out of here." He said continuing through the field. He noticed he had no shoes on but it was like he didn't even care. The grass was soft and he was begging to take in the nice scene and flowers.

"It is nice out here." Dizzy said not caring that his black hair grew past his shoulders. He began to giggle and hum to himself until he came across a red neck tie in the grass. He picked it up and put it on. "Perfect fit." Dina no longer Dizzy smiled feeling warm inside now. She didn't care about her reasons for trying to leave the field now. She didn't care about the dress cus it was her's now and she did look cute in it.

"Oh wow. I love this place. The flowers are so cute and the breeze feels good against the skin." She said skipping along until the two girls from earlier appeared again.

"I see your having a good time." Jackyln said.

"Yep." Dina hummed to herself.

"Come on, it's time for us to go back to the stand." Kendra said.

"Oh yeah. I forgot. I must help our master sell her items along with you two." Dina said turning towards the two girls. "Can you guys get me some shoes?" She asked.

"Sure. I'm sure our master has some at the stand." Jackyln said.

The three girls made it back to the stand and went in through the curtain. Their master was waiting for them.

"I see you've brought me another new worker. Good job you two." She said.

"Thank you." The two bowed.

"Whats your name my dear?" The woman asked.

"I'm Dina. Nice to meet you and I can't wait to start selling for you." She said.

"Good. But it's time for us to start packing up. I need to go to other towns and sell these cursed items." She said. "So get ready you three because we leave at sundown." She said going back into her room.

"Goodie. We get to sell to more people." Dina said hugging Kendra.

"Yep. More and more people who will be happy by our products." She replied.

"Yeah but lets get ready cus we leave in a few hours." Jackyln said packing a few items.

The three girls packed up the entire stand in no time. Their master was pleased with her first stop. She had collected three good workers who will do anything for her. She couldn't wait to see what they could do in the future. She just hummed to herself traveling to the next town as her three workers giggled and chatted amongst themselves in the back.

So remember, if you ever see that particular stand with the girl with the fan, and the girl with the sword, as well as the girl with the white dress. Stay away from it because who knows. You might find yourself in the future working there as well.

The End
Here's the last of the cursed items trilogy...

Picture found here [link]
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