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June 19, 2012
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Jimmy and Karen were not the perfect couple. They argued alot, cursed each other out, and literally beat the crap out of each other most of the times. But at some points they would love and care for each other. One day as soon as Karen heard Jimmy cheated on her, she was pissed off and wanted some revenge. So she waited for the perfect time to strike.

"Hey babe, so why did you call me again?" Jimmy asked, walking into her house and flopping down on the couch.

"Oh nothing sweetie. I just wanted to watch a movie with you thats all." Karen smiled and said with the sweetest voice she could make.

"Why with that goodie goodie voice? You know I hate that shit sometimes." Jimmy put bluntly making Karen flinch while the rage in her only grew.

"I'm sorry." She apologized and sat next to him on the couch and played the movie.

The horror movie played and they watched it for about an horror. Jimmy laughed while Karen snickered from here and there. She struck once she saw Jimmy's head begin to nod off to sleep.

"Oh your falling asleep." Karen said.

"Yeah I hate when I get tired like this, shit! I didn't even want to spend the night over here." Jimmy complained.

"Oh why is that? Is it because of that whore you left at your house hours ago before seeing me?" Karen let out in rage making Jimmy's head turn in shock and surprise.

"What babe? You know I would nev-..."

"BULLSHIT! You are the most evillest piece of shit I have ever met in my life! Now your going to pay! And I do mean pay!" Karen smirked and laughed with her face in a mixture or anger and laughter.

"How are you going to do that? Huh? Your weak, you can't even whoop me." Jimmy taunted her but Karen simply snapped her finger's and her friend Kimberly came from behind and knocked Jimmy out with a frying pan.

"Sweet dreams Jimmy." Karen simply whispered into his ears before he blacked out.


"Now help me get him upstairs Kimberly. You got the stuff right?" Karen asked.

"Oh yeah I got it." Kimberly said pulling out a syringe filled with pink fluid.

"Excellent. This will be great!" Karen laughed with joy.

Karen and Kim took Jimmy's unconscious body up to her room and placed him in her bed. They each of his arms and legs to one corner of the bed and slipped off all his clothes except for his boxers. Karen signaled for Kim to give her the syringe and she did. Her plan was about to begin.

"This will teach him." She said injecting the needle in his arm and pushed all the pink fluid in. "Now, hehehehehehe. For the fun." Karen stood back and observed her work.

The pink fluid coursed through Jimmy's body and begin to shift around his insides while changing his outward appearance. Karen first noticed his dirty blonde hair begin to flow now and became longer and look more cleaner now.

"Wow this crap actually does work." Kim said examining the empty syringe.

"I know." Karen added looking over Jimmy's now softer and more round out face. "This will be so much fun!" She exclaimed.

"If you say so." Kim agreed with a shrug.

Next, Jimmy's body began to slim down greatly. All his muscles and body hair was now gone in an instant. It put such a smile on Karen's face. His now smaller body begin curve into a perfect figure while some of his fat moved and plumped up his butt some making it softer. His feet grew smaller as well.

"This is perfect. Exactly what he deserves." Karen glared over her changing boyfriends body with such rage she nearly punched it if it wasn't for Kim to be there.

"Calm down. Don't hit him while the changes go on." Kim pleaded with Karen nodding.

Jimmy's manhood slipped inside him and vanished completely, leaving him now fully a women. His legs grew smooth and slender while his chest produced two C-Cup sized breast. As soon as the mounds of flesh popped up, Karen put a frilly bra over them and a pair of panties around between his legs.

"Okay its done!" Karen shouted with glee looking over her triumph. This will show his ass a thing or two." She put a pair of blue pajamas over her boyfriends body and kicked him out of the bed waking him up.

"Ouchie, What the hell is going o-..." Silence ensued when Jimmy's vision cleared. His mouth dropped open and he slowly made his way to the mirror across the room. "The hell i'm a girl!" He turned to his girlfriend angrily. "Bitch turn me back!" She demanded.

"Hmph." Karen simply walked over and gave her the hardest smack she could. "Quiet you little whore. Here's how this will work. You will do whatever me and Kimberly say, got it?" She asked.

"And if I refuse?" Jimmy simply shot back causing a sinister grin to appear around Karen's lips.

"Oh then i'll use the other needle and turn you into a slave and make you do all kinds of stuff to dudes. But it you follow my orders then everything will be fine...For us..." She laughed.

"I'm not gonna be with no dudes!" Jimmy cried out but Karen smirked.

"Hmph, the perfect revenge. I won't do that to you. I'll make you go out on all sorts of dates just like that with you still having your old mind. Hehehehehe, yeah that will be sweet." Karen teased Jimmy.

"You can't do that!" Jimmy pleaded but was silenced.

"Quiet Jamie! Or I will turn you into a bimbo with no regrets and release you to the world. Now be a good girl and sit on the bed before I change my mind." Karen ordered while Jamie simply nodded and did so.

"Wow Karen. How long do you plan on doing this?" Kim asked.

"Until my revenge is done and I just said the plan too. Yep she is gonna go on all kinds of dates with thee outfits I give her." Karen and Kim giggled whilst turning towards Jamie.

"Oh no, please babe! I'm sorry for cheating on you and everything." She pleaded.

"To late! Now lets find you something to wear for tonight. This revenge is just getting started." Karen stated happy that her revenge she finally got was about to get even sweeter.
To get back in the mode i'm gonna do a series of short stories... Hope you like this one... Excuse the swears that I put in this... If it might be some... XD

Picture found here [link]
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