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It was the holiday break as Mimi was visiting Sparkz and his friends as they were all out of school. It was a few days before Christmas as it was warm in the house while it was snowing outside. Everyone was getting ready for bed except for Mimi who was to busy on her computer to get tired.

"Don't stay up to late sis." Sparkz said to her before he went to bed.

"Okay." She said as she continued to go to Facebook and Youtube as the hours past as midnight almost hit.

"Oh wow, I have to pee." She said closing her laptop as she went to the bathroom. But, after she left she heard a rumbling downstairs as she crept down the stairs to see a big shadowy figure move around.

"A burglar!" She thought to herself as she made it all the way down and saw a big fat man in a red suit whose beard was white as snow who wore a red suit and had big black boots on.

"HOLY SHIT! SANTA, YOU'RE REAL!" She said startling him as he turned around.

"Yes Mimi, I am." He said as his look turned serious.

"Wait! How did you know my name?" She said as her look changed to worry.

"I can see you when your sleeping and I know when your awake." He said.

"Why are you here so early." She said.

"You've been very naughty this past year but i'll give you a chance to redeem yourself." He said as he outstretched his hand.

"Now, come with me." He said as Mimi's body tensed up.

"HELL NO! I AIN'T GOIN NOWHERE WITH YOU!" She yelled hoping to wake up her brother or his friends to no avail.

"I didn't ask you, i'm telling you." He said as he pulled out a pouch filled with silvery powder as he blew it in her face as she suddenly felt sleepy.

"N-no....Gotta....Gotta...G..." She tried to fight it but fell asleep.

When Mimi awoke she found herself strapped to a chair as she couldn't move in a dark room. As her vision became clearer she saw a ray gun pointed at her with a christmas tree tip which was aimed right at her which would make a direct hit.

"Please let me go." She said with tears coming down her face as the ray gun turned on and began to build up charging.

"Darn it, hope this doesn't kill me." She said as the blast hit her head on as she felt her body begin to shift and vibrate as she found herself smaller as her clothes had changed to.

"Whats going on!" She said as the transformation continued with small red snow boots covering up her feet as a big red santa like jacket formed around her with two small white wool strings hanging from the top.

"Oh man." She said as a pink scarf formed around her neck while two small pink gloves covered her hands with her pink hair growing long until it reached her back and turned blue as she felt her ears which were now pointed as her body was done being changed into an elf girl as her straps where loosened.

"Oh great now how am I gonna get out of this." She said as the door to the room shut tightly closed as santa appeared out of nowhere.

"Hey whats the big idea of turning me into an elf!" She shot out as santa held in front of her a small red orb ornament for a christmas tree as it began to glow.

"What are you gonna do with th-..." She suddenly found herself frozen as her eyes went into a daze.

"Now my dear, you will be a happy little elf and not only that my head elf which is why I changed your clothes into that mini santa jacket. You will like to help out and be the best little helper you can be and really cheerful even though your in charge of the elf's and their duties. You will also obey everything I say, is that understood." He said as Mimi began to snap out of it.

"Y-...Yes master, I must obey and be the best littlest elf ever." Her voice said as her eyes turned light blue as santa snapped his finger's releasing her from the trance as she shook her head.

"Santa, what am I doing here? I've got to help out before christmas!" She said eager to go as santa stopped her.

"Now my sweet little elf on christmas i'll release you from my power and let you go back to your brother and his friends as for now I need all the help I can get, you won't be the only child here who I've turned into an elf but the most specialist one." He said as Mimi smiled honored by his decision. "Now take this bag of toys to my packer elf so he can prepare to put it in my sleigh." He said handing her a bag of toys and placing his hat on her head as he had others.

"Yes sir! I'm so happy by you choice and I will serve you well until it's time for me to go back home." Mimi said before she left the room and helped out with everything there was to do as christmas was almost near.
Christmas TF Story about Mimi I hope you like it.

I got inspired to do this story because of this [link]

Link to picture [link]
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whiplash212 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 5, 2015
Why is she not running back to her room yelling nope after that creeper statement by santa?

le random fact: The original concept of santa came from Odin. Around the time of the winter solstice, the all-father riding atop his 8-legged horse, Slepnir, would reward all the good children, and punish the naughty. The children would also leave out sweets for Slepnir.

greenflame456 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
Could hear Santa and you in my sleep next door...
98Sparkz Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2012  Student Artist
Link in description...
CPUIceHeart Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
too super freakin cute
98Sparkz Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Student Artist
I know right.
CPUIceHeart Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
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