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July 1, 2012
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It was the week before summer began for Jerry and he was in a crisis. He needed to find a summer job. They were all taken but he needed one badly to be able to buy the stuff he wanted since his parents cut him off weeks before. So he decided to go through town again on another job search.

"Stupid parents, why did they have to cute me off?" Jerry angrily said, stressing out and frantically rubbing his hands threw his short black hair. "This sucks!" He said looking around again.

Jerry looked around town again and nearly came up with nothing. He was about give up until...

"Crap, nothing aga-..." At that moment he stumbled and bumped into an older woman. When he got up he opened his eyes to see a woman lying before him but she was in a black and white maids outfit. She looked to be in her early 20's and had flowing black hair and blue eyes. He helped her up to notice she was a little shorter than he was.

"Oh sorry bout that I wasn't looking where I was going." He explained.

"Oh no no, it's all my fault I should have payed more attention." The woman replied. "Where were you headed?" She asked.

"Nowhere I was just looking for a summer job but I've had no luck." Jerry said sighing which made the woman's face light up with a smile.

"You can come and work at the new restaurant I opened up. It's one of those theme cafe's which is why I dress like this." She said. "You could be a busboy and wash the dishes or wait tables for me." She explained which made Jerry crack a smile.

"I could use the money, it's a deal." He said and the two shook on it.

"Okay, I will see you first thing in the morning." The woman said cheerfully after giving him directions and walking off. Jerry was excited and surprised by how easy it was.

The next day Jerry got up bright and early to go to the restaurant where the Woman gave him directions. Since yesterday Jerry had found another summer job he liked and guessed he could work at the woman's restaurant for 1 day before quitting it.

"Well this is the place. I can see what she means by empty. Looks like no one is here yet but I am early." Jerry told himself as he went in.

He walked through the restaurant and made his way into the back where the woman was waiting for him.

"Just on time." The woman said with a bright smile.

"Oh yeah. I thought I might as well be an early bird. So, what will I do today?" He said catching a pile of clothes.

"Put those on and we'll get started." The woman said pointing to a changing room around the corner.

"Sure." Jerry said going into the changing room. "Atleast it's one day." He thought unfolding them to reveal a pair of cats ears, along with a brownish orange maids outfit, what shocked him the most was the pair of panties and bra that came with it. "The hell is this? Is she kidding? I hope she is cause her sense of humor pisses me off." Jerry thought to himself walking to the door to see it open with her stepping in.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"Uhhhhh, i'm a guy and guy's don't wear maid outfits. I thought you'd have a suit or something." Jerry explained while the woman giggled.

"Oh that. Don't worry, not for long." The woman said walking up to him forced him to the ground and injected a needle which made his body go numb.

"Gah, you crazy bastard! What the hell was that for?" Jerry screamed at her even though he couldn't feel his body.

"This makes my job easier. Now to begin." She said taking off all his clothes and began to slide the panties up.

As they touched his skin going up, all his body hair retreated and his legs became smooth and slender. When they were up his manhood slowly went back inside him making him moan a bit which the woman caught and giggled at.

"This can't be happening." Jerry said. "Is this a dream?" He asked.

"Oh no it's not." The woman replied placing the bra around his chest which immediately came to life producing two C-Cup sized breast which filled it.

"Oh my god!" Jerry said blushing.

"Your turning out so nicely." The woman laughed, Now for the rest.

After pulling up the thigh high stocking on his legs she started placing the maids outfit over his body. His brown hair suddenly grew longer and styled itself into two pigtails while his face softened greatly and nose grew a little pointier.

"Are we almost done?" Jerry asked, his voice now higher as his body finished becoming feminine while she slid a pair of heels on her.

"All done Janice." The woman replied letting Jerry now Janice wobble to her feet. Her face was blushing but she was still angry.

"Why would you do this to me! I thought I was just gonna wash dishes!" She shot out.

"If you would have learned more than you would have learned I only hire woman here. And your one so I hope you enjoy working here at my maid cafe." The woman laughed in Janice's face.

"You'll pay for this!" Janice said. "I was just gonna work here for a day, I found a better job." She added.

"Oh but you'll love to work here. Just seeing those customers smiles and faces when they see you will just drive them nuts and bring in more business." The woman said blushing herself.

"I won't do it. I'm out of here." Janice said walking to the door when the woman slammed a the cat ears on her head which instantly began to fill her mind with new memories and objectives.

"Now Janice, I want you to set up the tables and get ready cus by noon this place's grand opening will be great! But I will have more workers by then." She smiled to Janice who nodded back.

"Okay, I will have them set up immediately." Janice bowed.

"Oh and call me Mistress when your around me okay?" The woman asked.

"Yes mistress." Janice said before leaving.

"I just love working here for my Mistress. I guess I can work here for a day...Or more..." Janice giggled to herself while she began to prepare.
Here's another random... This time it's a maid story...Hope you like it.... Sorry if it seems rushed abit towards the end or something...

Picture found here [link]
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