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April 11
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Today was a special day for Fox. It was his birthday, and he couldn't wait to celebrate it with his friend of course. After getting dressed and washing up and all he headed downstairs for a quick bite to eat before heading out but noticed a note on his table. Curious as always he picked it up and read it.

"I have a surprise for you in your oven." Fox read it finding out it was from his good friend Sparkz. "Hmmmm... I wonder what this could be?" He said walking to the oven opening it seeing a gift. "Oh neat?" He picked up the gift and walked into his living room sitting on the couch opening it.

Inside the box was a game he'd wanted recently, along with a small figurine of blanc from hyperdimension neptune. Fox smiled at the gestures and set them aside calling his friend up to thank him for the gifts. "I hope he answers, these gifts are awesome." He chuckled to himself hearing the other end answer.

"Hello?" Sparkz asked.

"You man, thanks for the gifts. I really appreciate it." Fox said happily.

"Oho! I'm glad to hear you like them, can't wait for you to receive my other present for you later on." He replied.

"Other gift?" Fox asked curious again.

"Mhm, but I cannot tell you right now. Hehehehehehe, you'll have to wait and see." Sparkz said slyly laughing a bit.

"Ehhhhhhhh, okay?" Fox said confused as hell. "Well thanks, I think I will go out later but for now I will try my new games, see ya." Fox said beginning to end the call.

"Oh alright man. Happy birthday." Sparkz said clicking on his end.

After that talk Fox went back to his room trying out his games for the next couple of hours enjoying them greatly. He was enjoying his birthday for once and laughing at the trolling game Sparkz had gotten him. When he had enough of the game Fox heard his doorbell ring and quickly made his way downstairs. Peeking through the door he saw a deliveryman waiting holding something.

"Hmmm, what is this?" Fox thought answering. "Hey there."

"Hmmmm you Foxpower93?" The delivery man asked.

"Yup that would be me." Fox replied.

"Oh good just sign here, and this is for you." The delivery man said handing him a circular container.

Fox did what the man said and waved him off heading back inside.

"Hmmm, this must be what Sparkz sent me no doubt." Fox wondered sniffing it. "It smells sweet, COULD IT BE?!" He rushed into the kitchen opening it.

Before Fox was a deliciously big decadent short cake which was his favorite flavor. To him it shined as if it was a gift from the gods, it looked that great. The icing layered perfectly and his name written on it was just to perfect he had to taste it. Reaching into a drawer he pulled out a fork stabbing the cake pulling a chunk of it out carefully biting into it.

"............." Fox stood there for a sec dropping the fork on the floor. "This....................IS AMAZING, ITS THE MOST TASTIEST, SWEETEST, THING I EVER PUT INTO MY MOUTH, WOW!" Fox jumped up at the flavors swirling around his mouth picking up the fork eating more.

Enjoying the sweets Fox felt his hair grow reaching his shoulders but shrugged it off eating more. Its color changed for brown to black.

"Mmmmmmmm, so good. Delicious." He said happily eating a bit more while his human ears vanished moving to the top of his head. "Damn, I should thank him for this!" Fox happily said his face softened up at that point, turning girly.

Fox sat down in the chair continuing to eat the cake beginning to hum a song in his new higher soft voice. His height began to shrink like he was De-aging until he was kid sized. He struggled a bit leaning on the table pulling the cake closer with his smaller size and once again stuck his fork in it pulling out pieces and strawberries now.

"Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm." Fox continued, taken away by the sweets. His loose fitting clothes suddenly shrinking reforming over his body into a cute long sleeved white button up dress shirt, covered by a black dress which suited his body perfectly by now. His socks worked there way up his legs a bit forming black knee highs.

At that point Fox was a little girl happily eating sweets. Her human ears were gone but a black pair of cat ears popped out of her head while a tail did below. Her eye color changing into a dark cuter tone when she had one piece left.

"Hmmmm, I....Feel.....So....So....NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" She yelled out. "HAPPY, AND FREE!!! WOO-HOO!" Felicity said beginning to run around the house jumping on the couches and running in circles. "I'M A MISSLE, NO, A ROCKET! NYAHAHAHAHAHA!" She ran around purring scratching up things carelessly a true neko kitten girl.

After a couple hours later, Sparkz arrived over to his home smirking.

"I hope he enjoyed the cake I sent him." He said knocking. "Hmmmmmm, oh?"

The door opened revealing Felicity standing there smiling and tail swaying.

"Hi mister Sparkz, please come in, come in!" She said excitedly.

"Don't mind if I do, heh." He did what she asked going in while she leaped into his arms purring like crazy.

"Hehehehehehe, fun time. Fun time, lets have fun!" She said smiling giggling.

"In due time Felicity, in due time." Sparkz said scratching her behind her ears causing a nya and purr to be heard setting her down. "Glad your having a fun birthday."

"I am thanks Sparkz, this is awesome!" She giggled.

"No problem, hmmmm." Sparkz thought to himself.

"Huh?" Felicity asked tilting her head cutely.

"You got any cake left?" He asked her.

"Nya, I sure do! Follow me, we can be best cat girl friends hehehehe!" She exclaimed.

"Heh sure why not, I got nothing else to do but hang with my best friend. Lead the way felicity." Sparkz told her following her into the kitchen.

Thus, for the rest of the day Sierra and Felicity had a wonderful time. They played games, took cat naps, and had some milk. It was a wonderful birthday for Fox after all well he was a bit upset turning back later but it was fine. He did have fun after all and Sparkz turned with him as well, and that was good enough for him.

"My birthdays won't ever be peaceful from now on will they?" Fox asked.

"...............Nope." Sparkz replied with a grin.

The End

Happy Birthday Fox!!! OwO Hope You Liked It... ;p
Here's a Birthday Story for one of my Best Friends :iconfoxpower93: :iconcake-plz: Enjoy ;p :iconcake-plz: and as always link to picture can and will be found here... >>> <<<  Woohoo o3o Happy Today... :) **ATTENTION** SORRY IF THIS SEEMS RUSHED I REALLY WANTED IT TO BE UP TODAY!!! FOR MY FRIEND I'LL CORRECT IT LATER!!! Or Proof Read!!! Thx... :P and respect the fact we didn't use our real names... Thank you ^_^
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