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December 25, 2012
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Joshua never had any good Christmases in his entire life. He usually got nothing he wanted or barely anything at all. Living with neglectful parents didn't help the case either. They would always be to busy to help him with his problems, or anything really. He was depressed and just wished to have a good Christmas and be with a loving family like he had dreamed countless times. Joshua was walking around the mall one day, alone. Since he had no friends to cruise with.

"Hmmm, I have enough. I wonder what I should get my Mom and Dad this year." He said to himself window shopping. "Sigh, wonder if i'll get anything but I don't really care. Just wish they were around to spend the holidays with me." Joshua sulked, he had upset himself again and kept window browsing. He was always thoughtful and never thought about himself not even once.

Joshua searched on and on ending up buying his dad a new pair of shoes he wanted while his mom some expensive perfume. "I hope they like this." Joshua said turning to see a woman before him. "Huh?" Joshua said examining her.

The woman's hair was blonde and came down to her shoulders. Her eyes were crystal blue with an innocent face. She had a slim body with D-Cup sized breast and a curvy figure to match. She was in a Mrs.Claus like outfit with the red hat, gloves, and boots to match. She seemed to stare back until she broke the silence.

"Oh excuse me young man." She said, her voice soft and gentle.

Joshua quickly scrambled to his feet. "Oh no, it's my fault." Joshua apologized.

"Oh, tee hee. No need to apologize, you've done nothing wrong, Joshua." She smiled.

"Wa-Wait...How did you know my name?" Joshua asked confused getting himself together.

"Oh, lets just say I know lots of people, including you." She giggled reaching for something from behind her coming back out presenting a pink box with red ribbons on it to Joshua who examined it curiously.

"Whats this for?" Joshua asked looking up to the Woman.

"Oh lets just say, its for you. You've been a good boy all your life Joshua and you deserve better than what you have now." She told him while he took in all the words.

"Uhm...Thanks?" He said looking at it.

"You're welcome." The woman asked walking off before he stopped her.

"Wait, whats you name? I forgot to ask." He said.

"Oh just Mrs. C, for now." She smirked. "Ta ta..." Mrs.C said walking off disappearing into the other Christmas shoppers.

Before Joshua could think his phone let out a loud buzzing. He quickly checked to see it say 7:00 P.M. on the dot. "Oh no!" He shrieked. "I have to get home, its late." Joshua said rushing out of the mall and to his bike which he sped until reaching it. Luckily his parents weren't there, but thinking about it. They wouldn't have cared if he was late anyway so he walked in seeing the poorly decorated Christmas tree in the corner.

"Hmmm." Joshua said walking to it placing there gifts under it then proceeding to walk up to his room with the present he received from Mrs.C, He was still thinking about his encounter with the mysterious woman.

"I wonder whats in it. How did she know my name? I've been good all my life?" Joshua's thoughts were puzzled until he shrugged and decided to open it early since it wasn't from a relative or his parents.

Joshua slowly reached for the gift and slowly untied the ribbon and opened looking inside. "Lets see." Joshua peered inside when a bright flash erupted from the box sending a seemingly shock wave through the house and him. "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Joshua shielded his eyes falling to the floor not feeling the wave. "The heck was that?" He said uncovering his eyes and rushing to the bathroom to make sure he was okay.

When Joshua entered the bathroom he looked himself over seeing everything fine. Or so he thoughts. He realized his hair had gotten longer and a dark pink color now in twin tails style as well. Joshua was confused.

"Uhm, what happened to my hair!" His eyes shot wide open while his face slowly morphed becoming softer and innocent freaking him out more. "What!" Joshua fell back while he tried to fight but couldn't as the changes continued changing him.

Joshua crawled back into his room while his shoulders crashed inward and body hair disappeared from his body leaving his skin silky smooth. When he lifted himself up noticed his height had decreased slowly but gradually. "Oh what the heck is happening to me?" Joshua asked himself. "Ngh." Joshua moaned holding his chest which expanded into to two small B-Cup sized breast making Joshua blush.

Joshua sat on the bed trying to calm himself down but it still went on and on. His hands became soft and delicate while he felt something lower begin to tingle. "Oh no...Anything but that." Joshua's fear came true as his manhood receded back in him slowly until only womanhood was left. "Its gone..." Joshua let out a small shriek while his voice shot up into a girly category.

His legs soon found themselves small, smooth, and long while his feet shrunk now small. Joshua noticed he was now fully feminine in his now lose falling off clothes alone in his room. He blushed and covered himself but then his clothes reformed into a smaller red Christmas version that Mrs. C wore.

"Whoa." Joshua blushed looking over herself. "What i'm...A...A..." She began.

"Girl? Yes I know...You turned out cute..." A familiar voice rang from behind causing her to turn seeing Mrs.C standing before him. "Hiya." She smiled.

"Yo-You...You did this? I'm...A girl..." Joshua said.

"I know... It was supposed to do that...You've been such a sweet kid your entire life I just thought it'd be nice you finally can have a better sweeter life." She smiled warmly. "You'll understand once your parents get home." Mrs.C said before she vanished in a bright flash leaving Janice alone.

"Hmmmm, I still can't believe this but i'm....Surprisingly calm..." She said to herself hearing the door from downstairs open. "Oh no..." Janice said leaping into her bed hiding under the covers until...

"Janice dear, were home...." A feminine voice sounded.

"Yes come on down honey..." A deeper manly voice followed.

"Huh?" Janice said nervously getting up walking downstairs seeing a new site new to her.

Janice saw the house was now completely decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments everywhere. Presents filled the brim of the tree and a golden star was on top of it shining making her eyes flutter in awe.

"Wha-What happened here?" Janice looked around.

"What do you mean honey we all decorated this house and the tree." Janice's Mom smiled at her warmly which made Janice tear up a bit.

"Whats wrong dear? You can tell your old man." Her dad chuckled while she ran up and hugged the two.

"Oh nothing, i'm just so happy I get to spend Christmas with you two." Janice smiled wiping her eyes breaking the hug. "Now I see what Mrs.C meant...Now I know who she is." Janice smiled to herself giggling a bit. "I think I like being this way. I'm so happy." She said while her parents looked to each other confused but shrugged and went to her.

"Come on dear, lets go bake some cookies." She said.

"Oh yummy, alright..." Janice happily said noticing a note on the tree which she took a read.

-Hope Your Christmas and Life is only better and better from here... Hope you get used to things... Yours Truly, Mrs.Claus~   P.S you'll be getting your last surprise in 3.2.1.

Suddenly once she finished reading the note it suddenly vanished and Janice felt something soft and warm brushing against her leg while she looked to see a puppy.

"Oh my gosh! A puppy! I've always wanted one." Janice said picking up the puppy petting it. "Thank you Mrs.Claus. I'm forever grateful." Janice smiled setting him down going into the kitchen with her mom while her dad watched the game. This had turned out to be the best and beginning to many more wonderful Christmases and things to happen in Janice's life.

Happy Holidays From 98Sparkz~ XD
Happy Holidays From 98Sparkz :D XD Pic found Here [link] and I hope you enjoy my Christmas Tale~ Happy Holidays XD
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