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Easter Day Surprise~
It was that time of year again, Easter. As Sparkz laying in his bed bored out of his mind. Mimi, Zeke, and Sidney all had gone out for the day to do some Easter events with their friends and what not. But Sparkz just couldn't get into the thrill of it anymore. So he just decided to chill all day and watch some t.v. and what not.
"Oh man I am so bored." Sparkz said yawning, wearing an orange t-shirt, dark shorts, and some short white socks.
Sparkz brushed his short spiky orange hair of his face as he began to channel surf until he heard a bang on his door.
"GAH!" He said gasping and jumping up. "T-The heck was that?! Who is there?" He yelled asking.
But there was no response. Only more banging causing him to slowly walk to his room door and open it.
"Okay whoever is doing that! Cut it out right now!" Sparkz said looking out. "...............What in the!"
Sparkz looked out to find quite the sight awaiting him. There was an odd huge glowing portal right outside his door in the hallway of
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 48 20
New Year Of Changes
It was that time of the year again Christmas. But Joseph was in a rotten assholish mood to care about the holidays. For this time of the year was more of a reminder to him how little some of his family members cared for him. It wasn't so much the gifts just the fact they accepted him. So he stirred in his home angry and upset leaving his friend Justin to the rescue. Armed with a colored red and green box with his name wrapped on it. Justin made his way down the cold streets to Joseph's house. In dark brown shoes, blue jeans, and well wearing a beige sweater with a scarf around his neck. Combing through his dark hair and adjusting his glasses over his face. He soon arrived and knocked on the door.
"Hey Joseph! Its me Justin open up!" Just said from behind the door hearing bumps meaning Joseph his friend was there.
"Go away, I've been a jerk all week and an asshole to you and others. I don't deserve gifts for how I treated you." He pleaded.
"Awww come on man it is fine. I mean I was shoc
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 98 8
Trading Places
It was another day for siblings Jamie and James. They were siblings with Jamie being the oldest while James was the youngest but well, both had gained a nickname from their household and just about everyone else in their small town in which they lived in. The Bickerson Siblings obviously mocking how much they bickered at just about anything. It was rough on their single mother who had an small office job but was to getting annoyed by the constant squabbling between the two until one day.
"Darn you James!" Yelled the bossy older sister Jamie walking out of her room in nothing but a towel over her body. "I know you see my uniform in there on the counter! Now give it to me pronto!" She said, her face turning red with anger standing in front of a brown door in a hallway.
Jamie had long black silky hair that was very shiny, yellow eyes that ran in her family same for her brother and mother whom they inherited it from, a tiny build really being skinny and slim but tall. She also had a slight
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 77 20
The Wrong House TG/TF
"Ahhhhhhhhhh~, what a perfect night for a burglary~!" A man said driving down the street of a neighborhood.
The man looked to be about his mid thirties. He was well groomed for having black shaggy hair, a nice beard going all over his face, and being buff a bit. He was wearing a large black long sleeved shirt with dark pants and shoes. Driving over the wheel he wore black leather gloves to not leave any prints. This man was known as the Phantom Thief. His real name was Rocky as his friends and family called him but none knew his dark secret and pass times.
"Mhmhmhmh~ I never hit up this neighborhood before. I guess tonight is the night." Rocky thought to himself driving with one arm stroking his beard with the other. "Looks like some real rich folks over here." He smiled getting excited.
Rocky always got an adrenaline rush from stealing and breaking and entering others homes. He didn't know the reason it all started but he guessed his life was so boring and this was exciting. The thril
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 118 30
The Joyful Fairy TG/TF
Tommy was having a horrible time with his life. His home life wasn't the best, he had lost a close friend, and to top it all off he was failing school. Nothing seemed to go his way as he sighed walking down the sidewalk kicking pebbles he came across.
"Man my life sucks so bad." He sighed. "I didn't think all of this could happen so fast but it is."
Tommy didn't feel like going home walking into a hell storm so he decided to head over to the park instead. That was his best bet after all.
"Well maybe a walk in the park can cheer me up." He shrugged to himself walking down the street holding his head down low in shame.
Little did Tommy know a small figure was following and watching his every move. The figure didn't even touch the ground as all. It was floating or flying after him.
"Mhmhmhmhmh~, I sense a potential cheering up is in order!" The small figure giggled to itself in a soft giddy voice continuing Tommy's direction.
Meanwhile, Tommy arrived to the park walking along the path sti
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 97 149
A Very Ahri Time! [Ahri League Of Legend TG/TF]
Kevin was an avid gamer who loved to game all day everyday whenever he could. He spent most of his time on his gaming desktop playing League Of Legends daily. It was his favorite game and he loved to main his favorite character Ahri. It was a normal morning like any other for Kevin as he was up playing it instead of getting ready for school. He had his headphones in to too cancel out the noise and what not or any distractions.
"Another peaceful morning~! To beat up some noobs and high ranked players!" Kevin chuckled cockily tapping his keys and moving his mouse rapidly staring intently at the screen.
Kevin was one of the high ranked players over the world. Took him years but he finally managed with all the hours he put into the game. Along with his training and what not.
"Boom! No one can beat me at this now! I am invincible, ahahahahahahahaha!" He laughed maniacally winning his first match of the day like usual with the team he randomly joined. "Nice work fellas~. But not as good as m
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 199 74
Bitch I'm Fabulous~! by 98Sparkz Bitch I'm Fabulous~! :icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 32 40 Happy Birthday Saralei and Viper~!!! 4-Koma by 98Sparkz Happy Birthday Saralei and Viper~!!! 4-Koma :icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 9 43 Icy Bitch by 98Sparkz Icy Bitch :icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 9 25 Fun In The Sun by 98Sparkz Fun In The Sun :icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 13 10
A Squiggly B-Day Surprise~!
It was a wonderful day as Justin was driving over to his girlfriends home. She had a wonderful surprise for him today on his 21st birthday, and he couldn't wait to check it out. He was told to come later in the day after his classes finished. On the way there he spoke to himself in the car driving with a smile from ear to ear.
"Hehehehe, I can't wait to see what my girlfriend has in-store for me!" He exclaimed chuckling. I hope its cake!"
Justin continued driving and wondering all the things he could be getting and in no time he arrived home seeing tons of cars waiting for him.
"Wow my sweety sure went all out." He said astonished by the turn out of people at his home.
Slowly Justin made his way up the steps onto his porch before ringing the doorbell awaiting someone to answer.
"Hmmmmm." He patiently hummed to himself.
All Justin could hear inside was loud music playing as it died down quickly with a bunch of giggles. When Justin saw the door open he found himself greeted by Mami Tomoe
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 33 8
Welcome To Camp Honey Bees Teaser Image by 98Sparkz Welcome To Camp Honey Bees Teaser Image :icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 10 50
My OC's Updated 2016
My OC List Of Characters Updated!!! *2016* (Ages Updated Shortly)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Skin: Mixed
Hair: Spiky Blonde Hair Pointing Downward.
Face: Innocent, Gentle, Kind.
Eyes: Dark Brown Eyes.
Height: Nearly 6'0''. (Average Build)
Clothes: An Orange T-Shirt (With a Star Logo In The Center), Blue Jeans, With Red and Black Shoes (Like some that a character from Pokemon would wear), And a Black and Silver watch over his left wrist.
Description/Characteristics:  An honest TG/TF loving guy who loves to protect his friends from anything that may harm them. He likes to keep to himself at times but is really caring for family and friends. He loves to have fun and go on misadventures with his friends really. It takes alot to get under his skin so he doesn't anger and what not as easily. He has a Sword that can TG/TF anyone he slashes with it but he rarely uses it nowadays but keeps it in a safe place. He cares deeply for his little sis Mimi and Housemates Sidney and Zeke/Zena as w
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 5 4
Twas' The Night Before A TG~
Twas' the night before Christmas, and all through the house. Not a creature was stirring. Not even a mouse. But a young man named Jameson was! He was up late in his home browsing the web on his laptop in his room sipping some coffee in a mug.
"Man it sure doesn't feel like Christmas." He muttered to himself. "Its freaking hot outside."
Jameson wasn't feeling much into the Christmas spirit this year. His house wasn't decorated, nor did he make anything to eat for a Christmas dinner and what not. He just felt out of it. The weather sure didn't help constantly switching from hot to cold as if mother nature didn't know what she was doing up there.
"Oh well hopefully something can cheer me up soon." He said clicking away at his screen. "Hmmm."
It was then Jameson heard a knocking on the front door downstairs and the ringing of its bell. It drew his attention away from the screen.
"Huh?" He wondered. "Who could that be at this hour?"
Getting up Jameson made his way through his little home to
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 90 41
OC Ninja Girl Kiyoko by 98Sparkz OC Ninja Girl Kiyoko :icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 14 55 Ninja Master Sparkz by 98Sparkz Ninja Master Sparkz :icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 8 67


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Status Update

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 3:15 AM
Hiya Folks! Sparkz here again coming at you from the new year! First things first I decided to make my name 98Sparkz cus well I wondered why I never did it yet anyway! But yeah and well to give a bit of a status update on myself and what not....

So far me chilling out and thinking before I speak and all seems to be working as I am not nearly stressing over things like before so I just gotta keep this feeling up!

So far I'm about half way with the first round of Request so expect those stories in a bit!

I'm nearing the end game at my job hopefully... With School Around the corner I need to reapply now that I've paid it off so hope all that goes well. (Even if granny still pestering me to buy a car... =3=) I won't lie I'm honestly a bit scared about going back to college being my current age which isn't really OLD so I guess its just in my head... ^^;  Lots of people older than me go to college so its no big deal or JUST NOW graduating.  and well figuring out my majors so far I only got Photography, Video Editing, and Graphic Design. :3 

This week will be an anime week for me! Why you may ask~? BECAUSE!!! On Tuesday I'll be going to see One Piece Film Gold ON THE BIG SCREEN!!! :DDDD And this week-end I'll be attending my cons Annual Anime Convention well their Winter Remix which is a One-Day thingy.  So yup excited for what this week brings. Decided to not worry about money for a bit and relax BUT still save and don't go TOO overboard... Wouldn't want to make a fool of myself now would I?

But yup so far being positive is working out well in my favor and I'm happy about that and hope you all are doing well and what not. While I have this premium might make some polls, and don't forget my shoutbox is up, and if you ever want to chat you can on my profile or in notes either or is fine I don't bite... ;p

But yeah Sparkz Signing Out With This Status Update!!! If I have anything else I'll update this or let you all know. 

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Hey All My Names Is Sparkz, and I am a writer, and wannabe artist. I love TG/TF things and also Anthro stuff and Anime, Manga, Video Games, and stuff like that so feel free to comment or chat with me if you feel like it. I love to receive feedback on all my crazy or interesting ideas so yup. I am always here!!!


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